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The Reasons To Buy Purple Haze Strain Seeds 

Wayne Whitehurst December 18, 2020

When you want significant effects, look for qualities and features. And the feminized Purple Haze Strain Seeds give you what you want. The appearancesthe performance, and the temptations are all exceptional.

This Sativa- dominant strain has the potential to make you start a conversation and go on. The significant euphotic effects of this plant make you feel happy. Naturally, the reasons for these outstanding qualities are genetic makeup. Let’s learn more about Buy Purple Haze Strain Seeds.

The Purple Haze history 

The proud parents of Purple Haze are Purple Thai and Old-timer’s Haze. This Sativa -dominant strain is known to promote the creative streak in a user.

The potent hybrid has excellent recreational and medical uses for anxiety, depression, migraine, and stress.

The Purple Haze components


The components are what make this marijuana seeds from i49 a unique buzz to have. Let’s take a look at its component break-up.

THC 17 to 20%

CBD 0 to 1 %

Sativa 70%

Indica 30%

The THC is responsible for the mood change and the cheerful thought process; it turns the gloomy blues into vibrant reds. It is also known as the ultimate mood-enhancer. Find yourself laughing, reason, or no reason.

The taste of fresh blueberries with tones rule. The aroma boasts of fruity, spicy, earthy, and sweet flavors.

This strain is ideal for all those who feel restless at night. In other words, it can cure insomnia.

Besides, it brings euphoria, relaxations, expansive freedom, and creativity as the expected effects of Purple Haze Stain.

The plant characteristics 

The buds that grow from purple Haze seeds have loolsy0structurued buds with delicate leaves flowing outwards. The mossy green and purple hue of eth pretty leaves is the reason behind the name. The pretty delicate flowers are all wrapped in sticky trichomes that speak about eth incredible psych outcomes.

The blossoming of Purple Haze feminized seeds 

New growers take delight in planting marijuana in their backyards, and it’s legal too. So, now there are no fears. You can grow your cannabis indoors or outdoors. Late October is ideal for outdoor harvesting.

The plants take 65 to 75 days to grow to their full glory. For the first time cultivators, they can expect a mild to moderate crop, which’s fine.

The yields 

For indoor growing, one can expect an outcome around 38 grams, m2

38 grams/m2 and the flowering time is nine weeks. In the case of outdoor cultivation, the yield is around 396 grams/m2

You can expect a medium height plant with dense purple flowers.

To wrap it up

The unique Purple Haze Strain seed gives way to incredible cannabis, with dark green foliage and glittering trichomes. Procure your seeds from a reputed source.