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What Are the Causes of Drug Addiction in Women?

Wayne Whitehurst December 18, 2020

The life of a woman is not smooth since they have to face many difficulties. From mental abuse to physical and sexual abuse, they have to suffer a lot. Eight to twenty-two is the phase when teenage girls turn out to be a real woman. From low self-esteem, mental breakdowns to societal pressure, they have to handle tortures. As a result, they become susceptible to smoke, drink, and drugs. If you want to know more about the causes of drug addiction, you can check http://socaldetoxcenter.com/.

Mental breakdown and depression

Depression is a common disorder not just in adult women, but teenage girls even face it too. One-third of the schoolgirls as well as the working women often complain about feeling sadness. Not treating or giving importance to such conditions can make things worse. Schoolgirls mostly tend to feel depressed more than the boys and even try to commit suicide.

It is important to understand that drug addiction and depression go hand in hand. Depression is the only reason behind attempting suicide or Causes of drug addiction. If you fail to find out the symptoms of depression, soon you will become addicted to drugs. Using drugs helps in numbing your brain so that you cannot feel the pain or depression anymore.

Traumatic history

Almost half of the adolescent girls complain about sexual or physical abuse throughout their lifetime. Hence, traumatic history is yet another reason behind choosing drug addiction. Women who had to suffer from physical abuse in the past often find peace in drug abuse. Drug rehabs treating women with drug abuse, often find out that they had a heinous past.

It is undoubtedly another one of the most common causes of drug addiction among women. You will find out that women who had suffered sexual abuse in the past tend to smoke or drink twice than those who did not face sexual or physical abuse during childhood.

The inability of coping up with stress

While men mostly tend to throw out the adverse effects of stress through aggression or delinquency, females tend to keep them inside. As a result, for keeping the stress inside for a longer period, women start feeling depressed. As per some of the surveys, almost forty-one percent of the young women report against facing stress and coping up with it.

Prolonged stress or depression often leads to suicide. Hence, the inability of coping up with stress is yet another one of the common causes of drug addiction. Common stressful events include the death of friends or family members, changes in relationships, parental divorce.

Poor self-esteem

Suffering from low self-esteem is yet another one of the common reason behind drug addiction. Although low self-confidence issues are commonly seen during the teenage years, if neglected, the problem can persist even during the adult phase. From body image to creating social image comes under top priority, especially for the high school girls. Mostly teenage girls associate low self-esteem with weight loss and beauty. Since they have to face it for the longest time, teenagers choose drug use, smoking, being trendy and sexy to boost their self-esteem. Girls with low self-confidence are more likely to report drug use than those who have high self-confidence.

Societal pressure

Societal pressure is yet another, one of the common reasons behind women choosing drug use over other solutions. Even the teenagers who try to fit in the peer group choose to have drugs. Others who are popular are forced to smoke, drink, and even try drugs.

Therefore, drug abuse is quite common in women too. Here are some of the reasons that force women to take drugs.

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