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Third-Party Lab Testing: Why You Should Only Work with the Best

Wayne Whitehurst June 22, 2020

For years, cannabis was stigmatized because of one fact; it makes people high. However, things have changed after technology made it possible to separate and remove the psychotic component, specifically Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The market is open and anyone can venture into it, but it is crucial to only stock high-quality products. 

To know the right cannabis products to sell, it is important to subject them for further testing in a third-party laboratory. In this post, we will outline main reasons why you should only work with the best independent laboratories.

No Affiliation with Other Parties in the Cannabis Industry 

The primary reason for working with a third-party laboratory is to determine the contents of a cannabis sample. 

The best third party laboratories are independent organizations, which means that they do not have association with any party in the cannabis supply chain. With a good lab, you can anticipate getting unbiased results. Some of the tests done by third-party laboratories include: 

  • Potency test that checks the presence and quantities of different cannabinoids. 
  • Heavy metals. 
  • Bio-contaminants. 
  • Organic solvents. 
  • Terpenes. 

They Use the Best Technologies 

When you take cannabis product samples for testing, the selected laboratory uses the latest state-of-the-art technologies to determine the contents. Here are some of these main technologies that are used for testing cannabis samples include: 

  • High-performance liquid chromatography: This method involves dissolving a cannabis product sample in an appropriate solvent, and then checking the presence of different contents. The method is particularly useful for establishing the quantities of different cannabinoids.
  • Polymerase chain reaction tests: To check your sample for bio-contaminants, one of the best testing methods is polymerase chain reaction tests. The method entails analyzing the DNA strands in the sample and compares them with millions of other known strands. 
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy tests: This is one of the advanced techniques of checking the components in your cannabis sample, including heavy metals and cannabinoids. The method utilizes radio waves because different cannabinoids and heavy metals respond differently to radio waves. 
  • Mass spectroscopy: Another method of testing your product in third party laboratories is mass spectroscopy, which involves evaluating the mass-to-charge ration. The method is considered one of the best options for testing heavy metals. 

Results are Given Fast 

When traders take their products for third-party lab testing, the decision to place an order with a supplier is probably pending. This means that if the samples are found to be good, you can go ahead and place a bigger order and start selling to your clients. The best third party laboratory will complete the task fast, allowing you to make the right decision on what to stock promptly. Remember that if the decision is delayed, there is a risk of losing customers to competitors. 

If you deal with cannabis products, working with the best third party laboratory is the surest way to help you stand out and become successful. The labs help you identify the best products, work with good manufacturers, and avoid conflict with law.