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Types Of Cannabis Grow Lights

Wayne Whitehurst August 23, 2020

There are different types of cannabis grow lights which help in the production process. Fluorescent grow lights come in different shapes and sizes. These are popular because they make efficient and pleasing lighting for humans and also work great for Gardens and low-key indoor gardening. It does not use much electricity and is known for its efficiency. Fluorescent grow lights are a great choice for young plants and growing cannabis as it can be used to save money on electricity.

Features of fluorescent cannabis grow lights

  • These are cheap to buy.
  • They do not use a lot of electricity.
  • It is a great light spectrum from growing Cannabis.
  • Lights can be safely kept just a few inches away from the plants so it is a good choice for short spaces.

High-intensity cannabis grow lights are much more efficient than fluorescent. These are powered by large oddly-shaped bulbs. It reflects more light down onto the plants. These are great at growing cannabis.


  • These are the most efficient type of cannabis grow lights.
  • These are best for the flowering stage.
  • It is simple to use because they can be hung the right distance from the plants and there is no need to adjust the lights all the time.

LED lights

LED cannabis grow lights are the most popular among Cannabis growers. It is a great alternative to the high-density light. Light can often be plugged into a wall and be hung over a plant which is an easy set-up and other grow lights. Since it has great penetration, it doesn’t need to be moved frequently like the other grow lights.


  • These are always having inbuilt cooling that uses heat up and away from the plants. LED is run very cool and many others are able to get away without venting heat.
  • A small size LED can be placed directly into the world. It is very easy to plug them and start growing Cannabis.
  • By using LED grow lights, the growers can enjoy great results.

Things to consider

Before purchasing and fixing the grow lights, you need to check a couple of things that are absolutely necessary to consider before choosing the light-

  • Space

You need to ensure that you have the amount of space that you want to cover with the lights. Each light has a maximum range of space that it can cover and it is very important to understand the measurements of the lights before purchasing the grow light.

  • Good brand

It is important to consider the high-quality lights that aids with the best results. A good brand with good customer reviews is always preferable and purchase something with a low budget. Since it is a long term usage, you can easily invest money to grow good cannabis.

  • The electricity uses

The electricity usage is also material when it comes to using cannabis grow lights. The LED has good durability and electrical efficiency. The more is the power of the bulb and the less it is likely to have electrical usage.