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What diet must you follow post bariatric surgery?

Wayne Whitehurst August 23, 2020

After the bariatric surgery it is vital to avoid certain kinds of foods which could affect the surgery’s results. After returning home after the surgery you will be required to follow a strict diet which is being prescribed by the doctors and the dieticians. From the first months of the recovery from Bariatric Surgery in West Texasyou would need to make your way from consuming liquid diets to solid foods.

Post Bariatric Surgery Diet

Here are the main things to keep in mind in your post bariatric surgery diets:

  • Food with minimum calories

Since the size of your stomach will be reduced after the surgery, you still will require enough nutrition to stay healthy. After bariatric surgery it is best to avoid the food with no nutritional value like pastries and candy. Consuming them might result in getting bad results post the surgery.

  • Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is high in calories and is not recommended on the diet after bariatric surgery. Alcohol takes up space in the stomach and thereby occupies by the space that should actually be with vitamins and carbohydrates. Also, after surgery the absorption of drinks like alcohol increases intoxication and therefore is bad for health.

  • Dry food

It is best to avoid dry food as you are not eating liquids when you eat. This is in the initial stage of the bariatric diet. Foods like nuts will be much more difficult to consume. The consumption of cereal with low fat milk can be done. As the body slowly heals, you will be able to eat all kinds of food sooner on.

  • Avoid bread, rice and pasta

The starch nature of these foods can cause it to get stuck in the throat without the consumption with liquids. In some cases, they can block the stoma of the stomach and thereby block the new pouch of the new stomach. When you do choose to eat them, make sure that you consume in small proportions and take small bites so that it is much easier to swallow.

  • Fibrous fruits and vegetables

Make sue that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, but avoid the high fibrous vegetables as they are hard to digest. Beans and peas are good options as they also provide the extra protein needed for your body.

If you are considering getting Bariatric Surgery In west Texas then do follow the diet mentioned above by West Texas Bariatric