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Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery – Feel Young, Boost Sexual Pleasure And Self-Confidence

Wayne Whitehurst March 5, 2021

Why did God make a woman on this earth? The simple answer is to increase the human race. You know the amount of sacrifice a woman undergoes during a lifetime? No simple answer to this. All of it takes a toll on her body. Her very private part — The Vagina!. Giving birth to an offspring causes it. The very changes due to aging play a role. Hormonal changes occur rapidly. The vagina loses elasticity. In some women, it sags. The elasticity is gone. Lack of estrogen causes thinning of vaginal walls. Urine incontinence and lack of lubrication. Stress levels in women increase due to this. Psychological issues crop up, and sex is no longer enjoyable. It becomes painful. She has to forcefully put up a face of satisfaction when she dreads it. Again sacrifice. What is the solution to this? The answer is vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Many methods present for vaginal rejuvenation surgery. These are Designer vaginal rejuvenation surgery, vulvovaginal plastic surgery, and genital and vaginal plastic surgery. Genital plastic surgery includes — clitoral hood size reduction, monsplasty, labia majoraplasty, labiaplasty, and vaginoplasty.

Surgical procedures for vaginal rejuvenation surgery are — labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and vulvaplasty. These help in improving quality of life, especially sex life. More pleasure derived during sex. Another reason is cosmetic. Youth and confidence feeling increases.

Vaginoplasty boosts self-esteem. Local anesthesia made used for vaginoplasty. Half-length tightening or full-length tightening procedures employed. Full-length is 7 to 8cms in depth. Sometimes the perineum is remodeled by perineoplasty. The survey shows approximately 66% of women believe their sex lives have improved due to the procedure. Vaginoplasty examples are G-spot amplification, where an injection of collagen in the G-spot for pleasure enhancement. The G-spot was crucial for arousal and pleasure. Clitoral unhooding to remove the excess tissue covering the clitoris. Revirgination, involving getting back the hymen to their original state. Hymen had broken due to sexual intercourse restored. Societal pressures are the root cause.

A Labia reshaping leads to labiaplasty. Labia minora surgically reduced. The procedure is popular among the majority of women. Asymmetry is corrected, and labia shape is changed. Lips are shortened or reshaped with local anesthesia. Laser or scalpel used to cut unwanted tissue and dissolving stitches used for loose edges stitching. Vulva-reshaping or resizing by vulvaplasty vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Proper vulva shape arrives.

Like any other surgery complaints, and complications are part and parcel of vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Hemorrhage, lack of lubrication, constipation, wound infection, scarring, hematoma, infections do occur. There is no gain without pain.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery procedures are nowadays popular. The expectations from the surgery need to be set right. You cannot and shall not expect to feel like an 18-year-old after surgery. Expectations should be realistic. Enquire about insurance coverage as many companies do not cover it. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery does not come cheap. The cost runs into thousands of dollars. Discuss with your surgeon in detail about pre and post-operative care. Once satisfied, go through the vaginal rejuvenation surgery and feel young, boost sexual pleasure and self-confidence.

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