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What causes digital eyes strain and how to cure it?

Wayne Whitehurst March 13, 2020

The digital world is full of digital watches, digital screen devices, digital gadgets, digitally advanced glasses and what not. Now add to this another terminology, called the ‘Digital Eye Strain’ or DES. It may or may not sound something new for you. But, believe me; digital eye strain has spread its root in the entire world like fire in the woods. To square up, it is nothing but the strain in the eyes caused due to the use of digital screen devices continuously for long hours.

Digital eye strain is a common problem in today’s technologically advanced society where we can get everything with the touch of a button and scrolling the screen. According to the latest survey published in an international daily newspaper, three out of every four adults suffer from digital eye strain, I belong to the same category. Whereas, every two out of five children above the age of 5 years reflects symptoms of digital eye strain.

What is digital eye strain?

Digital eye strain is the discomfort of the vision experienced due to prolonged used of digital screen devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, kindles, tablets, television etc. It is also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS) and has affected around 68% of the population around the globe.

What are the causes of digital eye strain?

From being glued to digital devices for uncountable hours, reducing the blinking rates, we are unknowingly hurting our eyes. This is because these devices have a screen through which digital rays or the blue light rays are emitted. These digital blue light rays are directly responsible for causing eye strain in the eye.  Forgoing the much necessary breaks after every 20 minutes and breaking the 20:20 rule that is required while viewing such devices, we are putting our eyes in danger. These digital devices and the harmful blue light rays emitted from them have spared no one. Staring at these screens constantly for more than a couple of hours without taking any break is another reason behind the occurrence of digital eye strain symptoms. Whether you are young or adult, employed or housekeeper, you cannot outdo these rays.

Some of us have the habit of viewing the screen devices for reading small prints on kindle or using smartphones at night without switching on the lights or in the dim light.  This also causes muscles of the eyes to strain in order to focus on the devices. Even the strong, glaring lightning also causes stressing of the eyes.

What are the symptoms of digital eye strain observed?

This annoying pain in the eyes remains for the digital eye strain symptoms as has been noticed in adults and children varies from any one or combination of the following detected signs:

  1. Eye pain
  2. Twitching eyes
  3. Blurry or doubling of vision
  4. Difficulty on focusing on the objects
  5. Headache
  6. Pain in the forehead, brow area, back of the head
  7. Stressed / strained eyes
  8. Redness in the eyes
  9. Feeling itching in the eyes
  10. Dry eyes
  11. Rubbing eyes frequently
  12. Watery eyes or mild tearing from the eyes
  13. Sleeplessness
  14. Fatigue
  15. Discomfortable/ irritation in the eyes
  16. Wearing wrong prescription glasses

I can bet many of us must be facing one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms of the digital eye strain. 

How to treat digital eye strain?

Usually, people enquire – isdigital eye strain permanent? No, it is a wrong perception that DES is permanent. DES can be taken care of by getting enough sleep for complete 8 to 10 continuous hours, soothing eyes through certain remedies, and in certain cases medication is required for soothing headache. Digital eye strain is the twentieth-century eye-health issue that can be treated by following some easy to adopt steps and guidelines, as laid down:-

Eye test

The first important step is to have comprehensive eye tests that you can undergo at the store, or book an appointment for eye-test at home or work. A computerised eye-test is the more accurate test as compared to the eye-test wherein you are made to sit in front of the alphabetical or numerical chart. The prescription revealed through a computerised eye test is necessary to check if the current prescription eyeglasses are correct or need any changes.

Perfect Lighting 

Excessive bright light or extremely dim light is the main cause that leads to the stressing muscles of the eyes.  Besides the fluorescent lights and LED light bulbs with strong, bright lights must be avoided, instead, use ‘soft white’ LED light bulbs that are not harsh on the eyes.Use maximum of natural lights at home if possible. Checkout one of the best lasik clinic Singapore here.

Avoid glares and reflections

Glaring light and reflections should be kept away from the eyes, as these are the main culprits who hurt your eyes. The blinding glares from the computer screen, street light, flat surface, roads, water, metal surface etc. are highly damaging to the eyes. To safeguard eyes from these glares and reflections, it is suggested to use eyeglasses that have an anti-reflective coating. This advance protection coating blocks the reflections on the surface of the lenses, from both sides i.e. front as well as the back of the lenses. Anti-glare glasses are the best glasses for digital eye strain and must be used whenever you step outside in the sun while driving, playing, skiing, etc.

Follow 20:20 break rule

According to this rule, after working 20 minutes on the computer, take a break of not less than 20-second wherein you must not stare at the computer, either you close your eyes or view at the object that is placed at a distance for good 20 seconds or more or just stare away from the computer screen. Avoid using smartphones during these 20:20 break regime.

Blue filter glasses

Blue filter glasses have the ability to filter out blue light that is emitted from computer, laptops, smartphones etc.. These are recommended for digital eye strain reduction and have the ability to block 99.99% harmful blue light from entering the eyes. Otherwise, the blue light rays penetrate through the sensitive natural lens of the eyes toward the retina and not only causes digital eye strain but also leads to other serious eye health issues like digital migraine and retinal damage.

A balanced diet, hydration and exercise

A balanced diet including lots of green, yellow and red fruits and vegetables are necessary to maintain healthy eyes. Keep your body hydrated the entire day with at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Exercise for body as well as eyes are helpful in reducing the digital eye strain.

Where can I buy glasses for digital eye strain treatment?

Right glasses are the answer to the question of ‘how to reduce digital eye strain.’ However, it is important that the source of buying suitable anti-glare and anti-blue light blocking glasses should be trustworthy. One name that you can bank on is Specscart, who manufacture affordable eyewear in the UK. Specscart are the leading producer of prescription eyeglasses and non-prescription glasses and have maintained a high standard of quality of their eyeglasses.  Besides, all eyeglasses crafted by Specscart are already loaded with anti-glare and anti-UV properties. Thus you are saved for spending additional cost on buying glasses with anti-glare and anti-UV properties.

Moreover, the blue light blocking glasses score 99.99% to block the harmful blue light rays from entering the eyes.

Nourish and protect your eyes from digital eye strain, follow the above guidelines and keep your eyes healthy and shining bright.

Author: I’m Jaylin: SEO Expert of Leelija Web Solutions. I am a content manager, and the author of freeopenbook.com and a full time blogger. Favourite things include my camera, travelling, caring my fitness, food and my fashion. Email id: editor@leelija.com