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What you must know about HIFU Facial Treatments?

Wayne Whitehurst May 17, 2021


With aging, the facial skin starts showing various signs like wrinkles, skin sagging near eyes, cheeks and necks. Primarily, the reduction of collagen is responsible for skin pigmentation. Though surgical facelift is a renowned procedure to tighten the face particularly around the jawline, eyes, neck and cheek, the hifu non surgical facelift is gaining popularity for being a 100% non-invasive procedure to fix the wrinkles and other signs of aging on your facial skin. 

What is HIFU cosmetic treatment?

HIFU is the abbreviation of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, a fresh skin tightening non-surgical procedure and painless treatment. By using ultrasound energy, the collagen in the human skin is increased that helps in tightening the skin wherever applied. 

Approved by the FDA to treat tumours, HIFU is now also legal to practice facial lifting treatments to stop the signs of aging and live endless youth. 

Check out some of the benefits of HIFU Facial Treatments:

With HIFU, you can tighten your losing facial skin

Some men and women get visible numbers of wrinkles on their facial skin with a higher rate of skin sagging. Due to the less production of collagen, the skin fails to receive sufficient food that results in growing skin sagginess. 

Though different popular beauty brands launched anti-sagging serums, however, in the long-term, they don’t ensure that durability. During such crises, cosmetologists have the magic wand in their hands which is called HIFU. 

Let the experts run the ultrasound energy on the specific area where the skin is not receiving sufficient resources from reduced collagen. The rate of collagen production can increase naturally and your skin will tighten naturally with outstanding HIFU treatment. Try it on your neck, cheek, eyelids, and jowls areas.

HIFU Facial treatment is 100% safe & has zero side-effects

Along with tightening the facial skin, you can also experience an extra layer of brightness on your skin after the HIFU facial lift or fractional laser resurfacing treatments. This is a 100% harmless cosmetic treatment with zero side effects. The technicians apply a gel on the treating area before passing the ultrasound energy. 

So, know more about the HIFU treatments before doing it.