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Hand Rejuvenation: How it can Make your Hands Looking Younger

Wayne Whitehurst August 7, 2020

Even if you have been able to keep your face looking younger, your hands can usually give away your age. The hands are often neglected and do not get as much care. The most type of care you get is just a quick application of lotion. If you are bothered by your hands looking older than your age, hand rejuvenation from Clinique Anti Aging can be the solution for you. Hand rejuvenation is an effective way to make your hands looking younger and more refreshed. Usually, it requires a combination of treatments to achieve the best results including fillers and fat transfer. 

How Hand Rejuvenation Works

Hand rejuvenation is a treatment option that deals with the signs of aging on hands. A lot of visible signs can develop on your hand as you age, including wrinkles, age spots, loss of volume, and loss of elasticity in the skin. Also, a loss of collagen makes your hands looking gaunter and less plumped and youthful. With hand rejuvenation, these changes can be reversed. 

What to Expect from Hand Rejuvenation Treatments?

Hand rejuvenation treatments include fat transfer to enhance the area’s volume, lase absorption, fillers, chemical peels, laser skin treatments, and intense pulsed light therapy. During your consultation, your doctor will talk about the results you can expect and will advise on what you can expect the outcome to look like. The practitioner will suggest the best treatment that suits you and your budget before setting out a schedule for each of the procedures. The majority of the treatment option for hand rejuvenation are minimally invasive and require little downtime. 

How Hand Rejuvenation Works

 You can choose between surgical and non-surgical hand rejuvenation procedures. You need to consult with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to make sure you get the best course of treatment for your needs. The following are the treatment options for hand rejuvenation you can consider:

  • Dermal fillers. These fillers have been used for smoothing out wrinkles on the face for many years. However, the FDA has approved the use of these fillers on hands too. 
  • Fat transfer. This treatment uses fat from your body, usually the stomach or thighs, using a small needle. The fat is processed and cleaned and injected into your hands.
  • Laser ablation. This is used for treating age-related visible veins on hands. It can help reduce the need for more invasive surgery.
  • Chemical peels. This treatment provides a practical solution for removing older damaged skin on your hands, encouraging the growth of more youthful and rejuvenated skin.