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Weight Loss

How much weight can I reduce after a gastric sleeve?

Wayne Whitehurst February 25, 2021

It has been in the minds of many obese people that what is the expected weight loss with gastric sleeve? According to clinical research, the outcome of this procedure is different for everybody. In this article, you will know how to achieve long-term benefits with this type of bariatric surgery.

Regarding gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is becoming quite popular in the healthcare industry. In this procedure, the surgeon makes the size of the patient’s stomach small by utilizing surgical tools. With the new stomach, the patient feels fuller after having a few bites—It will aid keep them away from fatty foods and sugary foods.

How much weight can you lose with gastric sleeve?

For many obese individuals, weight loss has been a serious struggle in their life. Weight loss after a gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso depends upon various aspects. These aspects can be diet, exercise, lifestyle, and the devotion shown during the post gastric sleeve surgery. The patient can accomplish the desired shape with the bariatric surgeon’s experience, and the gastric sleeve stomach size after surgery.

In many cases, after a gastric sleeve surgery in El Paso patients lose around 65 per cent of their total body weight. These are the patients who have done everything with accuracy in the postoperative period. It is vital for obese patients to change their bad habits with good ones to gain the most suitable outcomes.

Most people get shocked when they do not see any transformation for a while after the operation. The critical thing that the patients need to understand is that a gastric sleeve is not the complete solution; it is just a helping tool. Therefore, the patients cannot achieve overnight success with this surgery. It demands a lot of patience, hard work, and dedication like having healthy meal plans dubai. The patient can even add some extra years to their life with this type of weight loss surgery.

How much time will it take?

Besides the query of how much weight can I lose with gastric sleeve, the individuals also ask about the duration. After this procedure, most obese patients tend to drop 60 per cent of their overall weight within half or one year. The most dramatic changes can be experienced in the first three months of the post gastric sleeve. The reason for this massive transformation is that most patients only consume clear liquids for the first three months.