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How to Reduce Jaw Size without Going Under the Knife

Wayne Whitehurst September 8, 2021

The jaw is one of the most prominent facial features on a person’s face. It can be very attractive, but it also has the potential to skew an individual’s appearance in a negative way. This blog post will teach you how to reduce your jaw size without surgery and with minimal pain or downtime.

A lot of people don’t realize that there are many different factors that lead to bigger jaws, including genetics and over-exercising certain muscles in the neck and chin area (like when we chew). Nonetheless, there are non-surgical jaw reduction options to reduce jaw size without undergoing surgery.

What Causes Bigger Jaws?


Ever wonder why certain people look alike? It’s because they inherited some of their facial features from their parents, including the width and height of their jaws. In fact, it has been proved that this physical trait is mostly genetic, so if you have a big jaw, don’t feel too bad about yourself! However, you can make changes to make it appear smaller.

Chewing Food Too Much

This relates to genetics because the way your teeth fit together determines how your jaws appear. If you have small teeth, then your jaw is more likely to look small too if you don’t over-chew your food.

Jaw Muscles

Strong jaw muscles can make your jaws look bigger than they really are, especially if their shape protrudes outward where muscle tissue is located on the front of the chin area. If this happens, it might feel like your jaw bone is pushing out forward (and it kind of is), giving it a wider appearance than normal.

How Can You Reduce Jaw Size Without Surgery?

Jaw muscles are a group of powerful muscles that you use excessively, causing the muscle mass to bulk up and increase in size. Bruxism sufferers experience uneven jaws or squarish bulky jawlines due to daily teeth grinding. Jaw Reduction BTX treatment weakens the jaw muscles making your face look slimmer with softer features.

How Does This Treatment Work?

The BTX toxin is injected directly into the muscles that cause excessive muscle activity. Within a week, you should notice an improvement in your jawline and facial contours. The effects of BTX last for up to six months, but after the toxin wears off (which it does on its own), there is no need to worry about additional treatments.

Once you receive treatment with Jaw Reduction BTX, life goes back to normal! You can go shopping, attend all social events and eat what you want without any fear of drooling or accidentally biting yourself because these side effects are minimized as long as you don’t chew excessively or open your mouth too wide during the first couple of days following treatment.

Advantages of This Treatment

  • There is no downtime. Jaw Reduction BTX injection takes only a few minutes and you can leave right away to go back home or wherever you like.
  • Non-surgical. With the latest advances in medical technology, we can now achieve safe and effective results without resorting to surgery – resulting in less pain, scarring, and recovery time.
  • Minimal side effects (depending on how much and where the toxin is injected).

Is Jaw Reduction Treatment Safe?

Indeed, this treatment has been here throughout the decades and is extremely popular within Asia to acquire a slimming V shape face.

When done by a skilled cosmetic doctor, it’s safe and also produces effective outcomes.

Can You Have Jaw Reduction BTX Treatments with Other Cosmetic Treatments?

Yes, Jaw Reduction BTX treatments can be combined with HIFU to create an even more powerful slimming effect and a visibly contoured V-shaped face.