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What Best Desktop Vaporizer Should You Choose?

Wayne Whitehurst July 21, 2020


If you’ve decided to invest in a desktop vaporizer for its impressive capabilities when it comes to vaporising material, you’ve certainly made a good choice – the only issue people stumble across after making this decision is related to what desktop vaporizer that should actually choose! There are quite a few models available on the market today, so developing an understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t is key to finding the perfect model for your needs. In this article, we take a look at the two major types of desktop vaporizers: whip-style desktop vaporizers and forced air desktop vaporizers to ensure you develop a better understanding of the pros and cons of each.

What to know about whip-style vaporizers

Although there will always be debate about what the best vaporizers in Australia are, whip-style vaporizers are a good place to start. These vapes are perfect for people who are less interested in the technical aspects of vaporizers, and are just looking for an affordable and effective way to vaporise. The “whip” in whip-style vaporizers comes from the use of a piece of medical grade tube in the design which gives it a similar appearance to a hookah. This whip is then paired with a heating element in a very simple two-piece design. The whip itself is comprised of three elements, which are the mouthpiece (usually made from glass), the tubing and a glass wand that acts as the chamber to store the herbs. Higher quality whip vapes usually allow for hands-free vaping and airtight seals designed to improve the vapour production and resulting flavour of the material. In terms of technology, these vaporizer styles can be found in more traditional forms and higher-tech versions that include LCD displays and a variety of other innovative technological features and controls for temperature.

Features of forced air vaporizers

Forced air vaporizers are the more expensive relatives of whip-style vaporizers. This is for the most part due to these vaporizers being a lot more focused on technology and features for the user, which has also made forced air vaporizers the most popular form of desktop vaporizer. They work by incorporating a fan that propels very hot air through the vaping material, and this vapour is then caught by a balloon bag. There are also some desktop vaporizers that also blow air directly into a whip to let the user inhale vapor directly, but these vaporizers still contain a balloon bag. For this reason, they are called dual-function forced air vaporizers, making them very flexible machines. Why are these balloon vaporizers more popular than whip vaporizers, then? Much of this is to do with the higher quality and quantity of vapour that is produced by balloon desktop vapes, making them a much better investment in the long-term.

What vaporizer suits you the best?

Choosing the right desktop vaporizer for you isn’t necessarily simple – you have to consider things like budget, user-friendliness and size, and different needs will ensure different answers from different people. The best thing you can do to work out what vaporizer suits you the best is by doing some good old fashioned research with your budget firmly in mind, and then you can work out what needs can be met accordingly. With enough hunting, you’re bound to find the right vaporizer eventually!