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Wayne Whitehurst November 24, 2020

A nose job has increasingly become one of the most popular plastic surgeries of all time. This popular procedure is also known as Rhinoplasty Toronto. The procedure will help to give your nose a better structure but also help you to regain confidence. There are various kinds of rhinoplasty procedures. When it comes to rhinoplasty, there is no one approach fits all. The procedure differs from person to person and concern to concern. To get the results that you might be hoping for, you could consider getting implants. The implants are the perfect way to augment the bridge or dorsum. It is usually used when the person feels that their nose is too flat and crooked. Here is your guide to implants in rhinoplasty.

What are the various available implant options?

When the nose augmentation procedure is being carried out, it is usually done so by using the person’s cartilage or a silicone implant or a Gore-Tex implant. These three implants are the most popular ones. When the cartilage is used, it is usually taken from a person’s ear. The extra incision, which is made in the ear area, takes a while to heal. This kind of graft is usually not opted for as it doesn’t produce the desired long-term effect. The human cartilage has the capacity to shrink and contract. When used as an implant in the surgery, it might alter the results of the procedure.

On the other hand, both silicone and Gore-Tex are synthetic materials used as implants in the rhinoplasty procedure. However, when you opt for silicone implants, you become more prone to infection than when you opt for Goretex. After the procedure, the nasal tissues start to heal around the implants. Whereas when Goretex is used, it is incorporated into the tissues. The silicone implant is denser. There have been instances when the implant has protruded through the patient’s skin, especially when the skin is naturally thin.

What is a 3D Gore-Tex implant that is used in rhinoplaty?

When it comes to nasal implants, 3D Gore-Tex is one of the advanced options. It is way softer than silicone and, in a way, replicates the natural nasal cartilage. The material has microscopic holes that behave like pores and enable the soft nasal tissues around the implant to infiltrate the implant and fix it. This material is manufactured specially to interact with the living cells. The implant starts to anchor itself in the place as the swelling begins to minimize after the procedure. Once it has anchored, there is no movement or shifting of the implant. The easy incorporation of the implant helps in reducing the chances of infection and inflammation.

If you have gotten the Gore-Tex implant, you don’t have to worry about its contraction. The results which have been achieved through the procedure won’t be minimized with time. The implants integrate beautifully and are accepted by the body as it is not considered to be a foreign substance by the body.